Keyed Up
written by: Jacqueline Kay Fitch

Among the azure gulf stream swells,
The conch bellow and whir.
Known locals retreat to their shells,
When sidewalks whoop and stir.

The island boasts a Key West host.
Fresh bait hooks on the fly.
The schooled blow out a bubbly toast,
To tanked fish floating by.

Dazed flounders flop as they bar hop,
Along the main street drawl,
Where groupers shop and skates be-bop,
Doin' the Duval Crawl

Parties of maritime dive in.
Their giddy spirits twirl,
While woozy boozy wahoos grin,
Suds dance as seafans whirl.

High trumpets and a spotted drum,
Pitch waves as the mood reels.
Guitar fish gulp the native rum,
Strumming electric eels.

Smokin' back fins bust a move,
Spinning a puffer ball.
Octopi hand-jive and groove,
Swallowing the last call.

Sand dollars round a jolly net.
Barmen, Hip-Hip-Hooray!
Low tides and whistles sure to wet,
Will come back the next day.

Keyed Up by Jacqueline Kay Fitch is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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