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Click Here or Scroll To The Bottom Of This Page To Download The Charlie Brown Kwanzaa Video
Click Here or Scroll To The Bottom To Watch Or Download The Charlie Brown Kwanzaa Video

WARNING: The Charlie Brown Video can be very offensive to some people. 
It was created as a joke, not to be taken seriously or to be offensive.

I have watched this video and found some parts funny, some parts not very funny at all.
I feel it should be left up to the viewer to decide if he considers it funny or offensive.
If any viewers find it offensive, don't finish watching it! They should simply delete it from their computer... 
and forget about the Charlie Brown Kwanzaa Video and get on with their life and other important stuff.
If any viewers find it funny, they should share it with their friends who they think will also find the video funny!
All viewers: Feel free to burn this on to CD's and give to your friends who like a good joke. 
To play the video on your computer just click the link to the Charlie Brown Video found further down below. 

To download and save it to your computer, right click and select "Save Target As". 

Don't forget to make a note of where you are saving the file!

  Please note, you must have a recent version of Windows Media Player installed.  This will play on most computers. 

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This Is The Link To The 
Charlie Brown Kwanzaa Video: 

Click Here To Watch On Your Computer /
Right Click To "Save Target As" To Download

I hope you will enjoy the 
Charlie Brown Kwanzaa Video!

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Happy Kwanzaa To All!  Enjoy this Charlie brown kwanza video!